The collaborative duo Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, founders of YouTube, are back in the spotlight with their latest efforts to revolutionize video content creation and social media platforms. However it’s not a multi-million-user service, at least not yet.


On August 8th, the anticipated video creation application, MixBit, was finally unveiled to the public.  MixBit was made available only in the IOS AppStore, however the app is expected to hit the Google Play Store for Android users sometime within early September.

MixBits layout

MixBit Application:

For some users, Vine and Instagram have settled comfortably in their smart phone hearts as their designated destination for video clip production and viewing. However, MixBit brings particular perks that most of the current platforms lack.


The obvious difference that allows MixBit to stand out is its mixing and editing video capabilities. Simplicity was the goal when it came to designing an app and website aimed at making videos. It’s simplistic layout and tools allow for the users to edit each 16-second clip and combine up to 256 clips into an hour long video. The final product can then be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or the MixBit Web site.


As if the idea of creating your very own mini movie wasn’t amazing enough, MixBit integrated another interesting approach to content creation.


Users will be surprised to find a “sharing is caring” mentality with this application. The MixBit site allows anyone to snip and remix any publicly shared video content, which will definitely make the user experience more interesting and innovative.



Who Is Worthy?

This ability to create more complex video stories could give MixBit an edge. While Vine and Instagram wage war, MixBit has the potential to overtake the lead for video creation platform. Vine has no editing tools, while Instagram is slowly tacking on features that should have came with it at the inception. The ability to share multiple social media sites and having similar features as its competitors is what gives this app potential to succeed. But is it a Game Changer?


It’s hardly a secret that consumers crave customization and tools to express creativity. Give someone the tools to edit and make better content, that’s where they’ll go.


As for the icing on the cake, each clip is allowed a limit of 16 seconds. I think we’re starting to see a competitive pattern here. But for now, just keep posting!



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By Daniel Fridliand