Clients Goals and Objectives, Challenges

Group buying is a trend that had incredible growth throughout 2010. Group buying, which refers to social buying or collective buying, is the purchasing of an offer which has been significantly reduced on the condition that it is only valid if enough buyers are found. Major players, such as Groupon, LivingSocial and others have dominated the market of ‘social buying’ and generated revenues in excess of billions of dollars. WowWhatSavings (WWS) entered the group buying market as a local player (NorthEast) and needed a new web/technology engine, as well as marketing support. The objective was not necessarily to dominate the market, but to form a worthy opponent with new and well differentiated offerings.

Business/Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Based on a limited budget and scale the company was looking to Social2B to provide an optimal B2C and B2B integrated marketing support, while outsourcing its entire marketing, branding and social media marketing efforts. The main site, blogs, social media profiles, and apps were developed to assist in branding WowWhatSavings in the North American market. Because WoWWhatsavings had to interface with B2b partners in publishing industry, sports sector, and other related sectors, as well as directly with consumers, a more sophisticated social media buying platform had to be built. Marketing strategies also included SMS marketing, mobile marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing, in addition to an aggressive social media marketing campaign in 5 NorhtEastern cities.

Platform and Technologies Selected

The online property was built on an integrated custom based group buying engine, fused with WordPress and commerce platforms, with multiple plug-ins for social media networks, RSS Feeds, blogging, and other extensions. A sophisticated content management system (CMS) was built and integrated as well.

Outcome, Performance and Next Steps

WoW’s early success was the result of an integrated, well planned social media marketing campaign on Twitter and Facebook to attract target audience and convert via unique deals in sports, publishing, general consumer services, and multicultural segments. Early successes were won in the area of Twitter and Facebook followers and fans, as well as the number of purchases and interactive engagements off of the main website and tertiary social media profiles.