Over the course of time, we have seen advancements within social media spread further into our day-to-day lives. So much of our time is spent sharing, creating, and consuming; it can only progress from here.


Some may be wondering where social media will go next, and how social apps can enhance our daily activities? This is where Google and Volkswagen stepped in.


Together, the two created the first social application revolving around travel; specifically car road trips. The application is called “SmileDrive,” and is powered by Google.

Application Information:

SmileDrive is exclusive to the Google Play store, due to Volkswagen’s partnership with Google. By connecting to your vehicle via a smart phone’s Bluetooth, the app tracks information from your daily road trips including your location, miles driven, weather conditions, etc. But if your vehicle is not Bluetooth compatible, have no fear; the application can be updated manually. However, we recommend having a passenger do this, not the driver for obvious reasons.


On a longer road trip, SmileDrive offers the ability to create a Smilecast: a dynamic travelogue filled with the captured photos, short video clips, maps of the trip, status updates, as well as other memories that are collected on a single URL. But the notable bonus is that recollecting a trip is only a click away. Through this feature, your outings can be shared and seen by friends’ online through an existing Google account.


Wow factors include features such as Smile Score, which awards you with stickers for completing specific goals.


Integrated bonuses include awards and stickers you receive for completing specific goals.  (ex: Make a night trip to your destination.)



Social Media Capabilities:

Through connectivity with Google+, users can tag people along for the road trip and share their trip with friends and family. “Trip Tracking” could be a hit or miss when it comes to new applications/social media platforms if not done right. However, Volkswagen and Google found a way to make it worth the trip!


SmileDrive is an innovative idea that should appeal pretty much to anyone who likes to share their trips with friends and family receive incentives’ for doing so.


Many people want to share their adventures, especially to validate stories about trips, as well as storing it for posterity.


But of course we saved the best for last! Who doesn’t know about punch buggy? Punch Dubs is now getting refreshed; rather than punching your friend anytime you see a Volkswagen Beatle driving on the road, the app automatically registers a virtual punch. The more punches you have, the higher your Smile Score will be. How cool is that?


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By Daniel Fridliand