Clients Goals and Objectives, Challenges

To create the world’s largest and most integrated offline and online professional network of top Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), while assisting CMOs with research, peer-to-peer communications outlets, best practices, education and training, and career advancement options.

Business/Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Create an open-source, integrated marketing and social media platform, enabling the highly sophisticated members of the club (mostly Chief Marketing Officers of Fortune 5000 companies) to interact, share expertise, content, and nurture peer-to-peer relationships – face to face and online.

Platform and Technologies Selected

Integrated web architecture, built on an open-source Elgg platform (, connected with WordPress blog infrastructure and specific applications for vendor rating, content monetization, thought leadership, book reviews and other participation and engagement applications. Highly scalable through platform extensions, plug-ins, PHP frameworks and social network integrations. Completely integrated with many public and open social media networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, SlideShare, and others. The platform also combines other functions and features only usually available as add-ons to a typical website, such as forums, direct mail, broadcasting, membership management, affiliate and partnership programs, analytics apps and many others.

Outcome, Performance and Next Steps

Driving engine behind one of the most sophisticated integrated marketing and social media platforms, catering to a worldwide community of marketing leaders (Chief Marketing Officers, Directors of Marketing, or top ranking marketing executives) in companies from the US, Europe and Asia. The platform is enhanced with a number of custom applications, e.g., Vendor Rating Program, Book Club, Thought Leadership Program, and others. The platform launched in early 2010 and membership has grown to over 800, boasting 150 unique Chief Marketing Officers visits per day (highly targeted audience), and a few thousand unique visitors per month.

The following activities were performed to differentiate The CMO Club and make it one of the most sophisticated integrated social media platforms in the industry: NING to ELGG Migration, Platform Selection, Data and Content Migration, Platform Design/Deployment, Platform Design and Integration, Performance and Capacity Planning, Social Media Integration, Monitoring, Management