Clients Goals and Objectives, Challenges

To become the leading private educational institution for K-12, utilizing the latest technologies and methods for education delivery, teacher and student interactions, parent communications and automation of school processe

Business/Marketing Strategy and Implementatio

Create an integrated online social media platform (integrated websites and with social media networks), catering to students, parents and partners, and building a cohesive community of teachers and students, exchanging content, knowledge and expertis

Platform and Technologies Selecte

An integrated web architecture based on the WordPress platform, connected with major social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, SlideShare, LinkedIn, and others. A number of collaborative applications assisting teachers, students and
parents to share content, comments, homework assignments, exercises, and other related conten

Outcome, Performance and Next Step

Greatly increased (close to 100%) participation by students and teachers, directly through platform and via social networks. Increased comments on website and social nets, and increased conversion rates (information gathering to registration in school
programs). Big Apple Academy is planning better engagement of students in classrooms with the use of social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. From project-related tweet-ups and Facebook sections, Big Apple Academy is hoping to increase overall awareness and branding of the school’s programs