One of the most common words spoken by babies is “No,” as it’s easy and simple to say. “No” signals feelings of disagreement, refusal, and irritation. As marketers, this word is our enemy, and with millions of babies shouting it, it seems as if the odds aren’t in our favor. We fear this two-letter word so much since it has the ability to completely shut down an idea, a marketing campaign, or a partnership. So, how do we fight for the opposite of this word, which will allow us to successfully work with clients? Well, we slap on our t-shirts that say “#TeamYes” and go to work. (Okay, maybe we’re the only ones who made t-shirts.)

The first step in getting someone to “yes” relates to curiosity. Let’s say you take a random person and try to make them become interested in your work or company. This is extremely difficult to do. In fact, it kind of mirrors the challenges of having an online dating profile. Most online dating profiles are filled with poorly cropped images and corny blurbs, the majority of which are simply skimmed over because they look plain and mundane. The profiles that are actually clicked on are unique and of value. When things are unique and of value, people become curious about them, which ultimately drives them to take action. As marketers, we have to try our hardest in making sure our content and ideas come across as being unique, as this will drive people to work with us. Listed below are three examples regarding how to accomplish this.

Pose a Challenge

Something that drives potential customers to learn more about your company is presenting a challenge or a question. Content that poses a challenge or a question should be simple enough to understand, but complex enough not to bore people. If I said, “I got coffee this morning,” your reaction would probably be close to nothing as getting coffee is a pretty mundane activity. However, if I said “ I got coffee this morning without using my hands,” the statement becomes more intriguing and challenges you to ask questions. Just like altering this statement, you should alter your content to make it more challenging and intriguing. Doing so will make you seem interesting and of value.

Stay Current

People are curious beings and like to stay up to date with the latest trends. Whether it’s keeping up with the Kardashians or listening to the latest music, people have a desire to know what’s currently happening or popular. This is why it’s so important to make your company seem as current as possible. Doing so will drive people to learn more about what you have to offer and make you seem relevant. So, whether it’s posting relevant articles on your social media accounts or regularly updating your website with the latest tactics, make sure to stay as up-to-date as possible.

Make a Connection

Curiosity is directly linked to your emotions, which is why it’s so important that your company connects with people. Having content that goes after peoples’ emotions will likely make them become curious about what you have to offer and incentivize them to take action..

Yes, Yes, Yes,

If you follow these three steps, you can be sure that you’ll hear the word “Yes” spoken more often by potential clients or existing clientele. By creating intriguing and up-do-date content, you’ll foster curiosity, which will make people view you as an expert in marketing. So, put on your #TeamYes t-shirt and start making people curious about what you have to offer!