Clients Goals and Objectives, Challenges

The IT Outsourcing business has a number of unique challenges, starting with the fact that by now it is one of the most saturated professional service segments with a very low entry barrier and plenty of demand for quality and low cost services. Trying to differentiate yourself in this segment is a significant challenge, especially if you are trying to do this quickly and on a limited budget. SoftAge Group has a lot of unique capabilities and advantages, starting from unique mobile software development services and ending with company’s location in Russia, thus offering a time zone advantage for software and product development. The ultimate challenge is to penetrate the US market, which continues to appreciate a low-cost high-value model in software development and deployment.

Business/Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Based on a limited budget and scale (currently, the company operates a few offices in Russia and has clients in Germany, the UK, USA, and other European and North American countries) the company is looking to Social2B to provide an optimal B2B integrated marketing support, while outsourcing its entire marketing, branding and social media marketing efforts. A number of sites, blogs, social media profiles, and apps were developed to assist in branding SoftAge in the North American market. Because SoftAge Group is a B2B entity, an extensive LinkedIn and other social media networks campaigns were begun to share expertise, content and gather decision-makers feedback, and create valuable leads and referrals.

Platform and Technologies Selected

The online property was built on a WordPress platform, with multiple plug-ins for social media networks, RSS Feeds, blogging, and other extensions.

Outcome, Performance and Next Steps

SoftAge Group’s early success was the result of an integrated, meticulously planned social media marketing campaign on LinkedIn to attract target audience and convert via expertise sharing, the Answers facility, blogging, and other relevant (content-based) activity. Early successes were won in the area of Twitter and Facebook followers and fans, as well as the number of downloads and interactive engagements off of the main website and blogs.