Our goal is to create, enhance, and enable our clients’ social media marketing process and execution, while simplifying their tools for productivity, resource management and audience development and integration. This approach improves efficiency and management effectiveness, while maximizing Return on Success. Our overall social media strategy encompasses marketing platform strategy, acquisition strategy, engagement and conversion techniques, campaign management tactics, measurement and scalability methodology, marketing budget allocation and optimization. We also offer social media optimization services to ensure your more productive online presence.

Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies to Optimize Your Business

Our clients use our social media solutions to drive profitability by linking marketing, technology, social media, and relevant content.  This creates online and social engagement that results in conversion, supported by metrics, measurement and our own campaign management methods. We offer our clients superior quality social media strategies to help create a strategic vision in a simplified manner, ensuring the ultimate results.

Marketing – is it ‘traditional’ anymore?

We realize that old habits are tough to break. Marketing, as a discipline, is still maturing into a fully integrated, self-optimized mechanism for automation, budgeting, and execution. We develop a complete social media strategy plan to assist organizations in transitioning to more integrated marketing processes, strategies and techniques which support more ‘traditional’ marketing elements. Our social media marketing strategy doesn’t undermine your existing approaches. It is based on the best practices and further extends current trends and developments.

Technology and Integration Strategies

If you are frustrated with the pace of technological developments within your organization, or inside of your projects, you should be. The momentum of the technology change is outpacing you, or your company still doesn’t get it – no matter how you look at it, you have to be well aligned. Alignment may not be the only problem you are facing – your entire Enterprise may be challenged as well. Social2B assists your department, and your entire Enterprise, in aligning major business functions and campaign based tactics with Technology and Integration Strategies in mind. Here are examples of our capabilities:


•    Social Media Technology Platform Selection
•    Social Media Platform Integration Architecture
•    Social Media Tools Selection Process – Definition, Planning and Execution
•    Social Media Component Architecture
•    Marketing and IT integration strategies
•    Data acquisition and analysis strategies


Content Strategies and Integration

Content is King. Long live Content.

Social Media Content Strategy for the web


Many organizations are beginning to realize that CONTENT is the glue and the heart of any scalable and sustainable social media strategy and execution. Content drives engagement, conversion, commerce and long lasting relationships. It also stimulates brand awareness and helps companies to move from one product line to another. Yet, many Enterprises are still trying to figure out how to work with content, which is relevant, integrated, distributed and actionable. Social2B helps Enterprises to develop a unique content deployment model, which can drive engagement and conversion, without compromising quality and relevancy. Here are some of the specific strategies that we have developed for our clients:


•    Content Curation and Integration Strategies
•    Social Content Diversity – video, audio, copy development strategies
•    SEO Content Development Strategies and Execution
•    Integrated Communications Development Platform Development
•    Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Content Development and Integration Strategies
•    User Generated Content and Advocacy Development Strategies


Social Media Optimization Plan for Social Media Campaigns

Once you’ve created presence across various channels, it is time to review your position and outcomes in order to carry out social media optimization strategies. We review your progress across multiple channels and suggest ways to improve your overall performance. This prepares your company for a social media campaign, maximizing your presence, while attracting many more followers. Recognizing the power of social media, we offer the best quality approaches and solutions which will encourage your effectiveness and open new opportunities!