What comes first—the ability to scale social media efforts across Social Web or the ability to demonstrate the efficacy of those efforts? If you are a marketer at the helm of an enterprise, you may have a classic dilemma of the chicken and the egg on your hands. Justifying the growing budgets of Social Media Marketing to the C-level suite is a challenge facing many CMOs and top marketing executives today (we know—we speak to them regularly)—unless you are able to prove the correlation between the social media marketing efforts and the bottom line.

This presentation will cover:

  • What to know about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Highlight most effective Tools and Dashboards available to marketers today
  • Discuss tactics for integrating, optimizing and scaling SMM efforts across your value chain and
  • Offer practical how-to advice on selecting relevant Key Metrics and utilizing resulting data in making strategic decisions
  • Return-on-Investment; Return-on-Influence; and Return-on-Ignoring. Building your SMM case for the C-level suite.

Social2B is an Integrated Social Media Marketing and Scalability company that utilizes new generation tools, tactics and methodology to enhance your overall marketing efforts, optimize your business value chain and impact your bottom line.

We are a team of senior-level marketing, technology and optimization professionals with a passion to transform the way businesses employ social media.


  • Ytzik Aranov, COO, Social2B
  • Alex Romanovich, Founder, Social2B; CMO – EuroSpaClub International

Social Media Week Presentation from Social2B – Metrics, Measurements and Scalability
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