Today’s reality for marketing leaders is complex and full of surprises. They have no choice but to be responsible for strategic growth, integrated marketing, social media, and pure execution. Success comes with focus and measurement of results. Time is short and resources are limited. 

Insights on Social Media from Top Managers

So what’s a Top Marketer to do?

The insight presented here, courtesy of

The CMO Club

, will provide samples of challenges and answers for Top Marketers, as they are tackling strategic and tactical initiatives that must rive growth and justify cost.


Strategic Priorities to Improve Responsiveness


Many marketers feel that they are lacking analytics and measurement system(s) to aide them as they navigate through the dangerous waters of lead generation, client acquisition, conversion and sales. With increased activity and spending, many Chief Marketing Officers are lacking the necessary metrics and ROI systems to justify their journey.


Achieving More with Less


Based on pressures from competition, internal executive peer groups, and learning curves that would challenge any professional mountain climber, CMOs must turn to the ‘balancing act’ – increase ROI decision making and assurance on all marketing spending and reduce traditional media budgets.


Your decision making process gets better.

When you are ready to tackle the toughest ROI questions from your C-Level Suite about your latest Social Media Campaign, it’s time to turn to

Metrics, Measurements and Scalability Methodology

from Social2B. With all the data and statistics pointing to the success of Social Media in the marketplace, you never thought that justifying Social Media spending would be so difficult. Does your management team really care about tweets, Facebook followers, LinkedIn groups engagements, and Slideshare views? Well now they should.

Social 2B Methodology

With alignment comes trust.

As a Marketer you have to be a team player. You have to lead the innovation agenda and yet you have to satisfy the CFO’s quest for efficiency and optimization. You have the ear of the CEO if you have the numbers and you can prove the successes. But is your company mature enough to align around client’s needs and your agenda? Will they trust you?


Listed below is the Social2B three point social media alignment system that will provides you with the answers you are looking for.


Social Media Maturity Index

The Social Media Maturity Index assesses the maturity of your organization and studies its readiness to fully embrace social media in every department of the workplace, from customer service to distributor/partner relations to marketing. The Maturity Index provides an immediate snapshot of where your organization is today and what can be expected from it tomorrow. The SM Index will be assigned with a set of recommendations how to improve it and what steps are needed to gain more ‘social media maturity’ – a clear path to scalability and success replication.


Social Media Integration Assessment

The Social Media Integration Assessment will determine your path to growth and scalability by assessing your organizations current state in social media. Social2B will analyze your social media campaign strategy, social media policy and execution, social media metrics and measurement tools, ROI analysis and proposed improvements, and much more. Social2B will also review your Social Media Integration strategy and infrastructure, inclusive of technologies, integration points, resource allocation and skill sets, and your approach to measuring your Social Media success.


Social Media Enterprise Architecture Checklist/Blueprint

The Social2B Social Enterprise Architecture Checklist is an outline of your organizations social media strategy, communication and marketing techniques, campaigns, branding, metrics and measurements, risk assessment and reputational risk factors, technology and infrastructure, and monitoring and management plans that will help you identify exactly what your organization will do with social media. The resulting deliverable is a complete inventory of your social media footprint and a comprehensive strategy and tactics blueprint of where you are going next.


Social2B will help you determine the appropriate steps in developing their social media metrics, measurements and scalability blueprint. Are you ready to scale your Social Media efforts?