How can you correlate your business goals with social media?


Social Media Strategy

Our goal is to create, enhance, and enable our clients’ social media marketing process and execution, while simplifying their tools for productivity, resource management, and audience development and integration. This approach improves efficiency and management effectiveness, while maximizing return on success.

Our overall social media strategy encompasses marketing platform strategy, acquisition strategy, engagement and conversion techniques, campaign management tactics, measurement and scalability methodology, marketing budget allocation, and optimization. We also offer social media optimization services to ensure a more productive online presence.

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Social Advertising

Social advertising is growing, and you should be in the mix of companies taking advantage of it to reach their customers. Budgeting for social advertising is simple and can be on a per follower basis. Social advertising guarantees that your great content is reaching the correct audience. For example, if you’re targeting Americans for a Fourth of July contest, then you don’t necessarily need to reach your British followers.

Test the different platforms to see where you see the highest ROI. We can lean towards channels where your target demographic lives, and then we can test the waters to see where the revenue lives.

Social advertising is crucial for e-commerce but is still very important for B2B and B2C companies. If you’ve never played around with social advertising and have questions about how it works and how much it will cost, then feel free to reach out to us!


Social Analytics and Reporting

Picture that we worked together to plan a great social media marketing strategy that fits your business needs and marketing approach. Now how will we measure it? Have no fear, Social2B will provide certain KPIs to measure your customized strategy. KPIs can range from measuring your traffic back to the site, engagement on social, total fan-base, and signups to an event, just to name a few.

Social2B’s elite analytics and reporting team will provide great insight on your social performance on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis! These insights help maintain focus on what is working in the strategy and what has to be reconsidered in our collaborative plans.

Social2B has an array of tools that are easy to read, insightful, and are worth every penny. If you have reporting tools you prefer, we will be more than happy to use them too!

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Social Influencer Marketing

According to Forbes, “Scott Cook, the founder and CEO of Intuit, said it best, ‘A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is–it is what consumers tell each other it is.’ He’s hit the nail on the head and the numbers show it. Influencers hold the power and it’ll be our job to cater to them.”

Community-building and outreach are essential for social influencer marketing. Influencers begin with your customer service and engagement across social channels. When you have loyal customers, they’ll show it. That’s when you have the chance to reach out to these customers and turn them into influencers. Influencers may receive gifts, early promos, or simply the recognition they deserve.

Your brand’s influencers should have either a large following or be an expert in your industry… or both!


Social Commerce

Social commerce, or “s-commerce,” is essential in driving your brand’s sales. The driving force behind social commerce is inspiration. Social2B can help turn your customer’s interest in your products and services into tangible sales.

The Five Key Factors of Social Commerce…

We can help you grow the sales of your business by focusing on each of these factors:

Commerce that is driven by social networks – This type of commerce is pretty self-explanatory. Sales are driven by referrals from social networks. An example of this is the “shop” tab a company may have on their Facebook page.
Group buying – Commerce based on incentives like discounts. The basis of this type of commerce is as simple at this: the more buyers there are, the more the discount will be.
Participatory commerce – Commerce that thrives because of the involvement of users through creation, funding, and design. An example of this is the crowd-sourcing basis of Kickstarter programs.
Platforms for peer-to-peer sales – Commerce that takes place on marketplace-style platforms where buyers and sellers can communicate directly with businesses in order to promote their products or services.
Peer recommendations – Commerce based on the purchase histories and general interests of your peers. An example of this is the “Users who bought this product also bought…” feature on Amazon.
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