Clients Goals and Objectives, Challenges

Ethnic media is a well-hidden secret in the media world and has now reached double digit market share percentage figures in the United States. Now numbering over 10 million, Russian Americans are a well-established multicultural segment that enjoys a prominent position with advertisers and an impressive purchasing power as one of the highest disposable income groups. Russian Parent is a focused ethnic market and cross-over publishing strategy, implemented as an online media property (an electronic magazine). The objective is to attract one of the most sophisticated parenting segments in the United States, and internationally, to generate advertising revenue, build a social community, and become a leading ethnic parenting publication in the United States.

Business/Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Starting with the online magazine property, Russian Parent’s strategy is to attract a community of educated and sophisticated parents with high buying power with well thought out, highly intelligent content.

Platform and Technologies Selected

The entire online magazine property was built on a WordPress platform, with multiple plug-ins for social media networks, RSS Feeds, blogging, and other extensions. The Russian Parent platform is available in two languages, simultaneously offering translated content to an English and Russian-speaking parent audience worldwide.

Outcome, Performance and Next Steps

Russian Parent’s early success was manifested in ever increasing online traffic for unique users (in tens of thousands per month in the early months of magazine existence), social media network engagement and conversions (subscriptions off of social networking sites), magazine based user generated content (comments, inquiries, advertising conversions, etc.). The growth of the Russian Parent brand was translated as an early and steady increase in social media network traffic (over 100% increase in the first 3 months), Twitter audience increase (over 500 followers in the first 4 months), over 50% increase in conversions to subscriptions, and advertising revenue increase.