Clients Goals and Objectives, Challenge

PayCheckr is a unique, customizable tool that aggregates cash & non-cash payment options into one simple button. But PayCheckr is more than just a button or a tool – it’s a new, revolutionary way to help bloggers, publishers and brands monetize their content through building new relationships with readership via ‘many ways to pay’ concept. The challenge is to educate and enable the publishing community to offer many ways to pay for content through donations, affiliate programs, subscriptions, micro-payments, and other monetization channels.

Business/Marketing Strategy and Implementation

The strategy is to offer the PayCheckr button (similar to other buttons, such as AddThis, ShareThis, and others) as a solution to the blogger and publisher community. After a broad and industry-wide acceptance, PayCheckr intends to offer more scalable, enterprise-wide content monetization solutions. Social2B was engaged to assist PayCheckr in product development, marketing, and as of recently, social media marketing and promotion.

Platform and Technologies Selected

PayCheckr was built on a proprietary PHP framework based platform, with customized social media, analytics, and user interactions functionality.

Outcome, Performance and Next Steps

The early ‘friends and family’ program is showing excellent results in the overall market acceptance of the product. The next step will be crucial in the overall market recognition, referrals, and WOM (word-of-mouth) activity, as the company is aiming at winning the hearts of hundreds of thousands of bloggers and publishers alike.