The Importance of PR and Social Media Metrics (Best Practices and Product Reviews)

PR and Social Media measurement and metrics are becoming paramount to interacting with your consumer audience for B2B and B2C segments.  PR and Social media metrics allow you to assess and evaluate consumer feedback, allowing you to better gauge what your consumer or client is thinking or what they are about to do. To justify the growing budgets of Social Media Marketing, on top of PR budgets, to the C-level suite is a challenge facing many CMOs and top marketing executives today (latest data from The CMO Club) – unless you are able to prove the correlation between the social media marketing efforts, public relations, and the bottom line.  According to Small Business Trends 64% of B2B companies are currently investing in Social Media Marketing and budgets are only expected to increase throughout 2013.  With that in mind, it is extremely important to have a way to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns, intersecting with PR campaigns, while determining the ROI.


The Future of Metrics Monitoring

WPO Inc. (Web Presence Optimization), a SaaS application, is one of the latest dashboard based tools in PR and Social Media monitoring.  Their WPO Metrics Dashboard is specifically designed for B2B and B2C products and services companies.  Unlike other tools that track and measure separate uncoordinated online efforts, the WPO dashboard integrates over 100 metrics into a single, simple-to-use dashboard.  Its performance indicators track web presence across the five key competitive benchmarks of online presence press (PR), social, website (search), industry and paid presence, enabling users to measure and optimize owned, earned, and paid content efforts across different digital marketing disciplines.  A key feature of WPO is that you can also measure your competitor’s online presence so you cannot only see your effectiveness with consumers and clients, but in relation to the competition.  WPO is taking PR and Social Media metrics to the next level with competitive pricing and an easy to use system that even the least tech-savvy member of your team can follow.  The WPO team works closely with you to set up your desired monitoring parameters, with quality assurance.  The WPO dashboard is both secure and visually consistent throughout its many functions to optimize customer use experience.


Measuring the Marketing Mix

In addition to measuring social media metrics, there are other important elements that should not be left out of the mix, especially measuring public relations performance.  Not only can the WPO dashboard track the widely used PR metrics of the number, frequency, and breadth of media clips secured, but it also analyzes lead generation, lead scoring, and enables real-time PR monitoring.

  • Lead generation is sales’ primary output.  There should be a strong correlation between this and PR activity.
  • Lead scoring is another important PR metrics tool, which scores leads based on activities that they do (page visits, watch a webinar, fill out a contact form, etc.) and attributes more points to the activities requiring more indication of buying content from the consumer.  Increased lead scores indicated PR success.   With the ability to track lead generation and lead scores you will be able to track your PR success in addition to social media metrics.
  • Real-time PR monitoring is essential to avoid crises like we’ve seen in media of late (i.e. Twitter hacks, addressing negative customer service reports, etc.).  In allowing you to track activity across multiple channels, the WPO dashboard enables you to address issues the moment they appear on the web, and react in an efficient, coordinated, and timely manner.  Companies also can set measurement baselines and be alerted when a metric exceeds a variance tolerance.  These change-markers analyze the data for you to inform you when a significant change takes place.


Competitive Edge

PR and Social Media marketing is essential for branding, SEO, creating relevance, generating authority within your industry, and building a strong customer relationship where you can engage, connect personally, and build trust.  However, without a strong strategy, your PR and social media efforts can fall flat.   The WPO dashboard takes metrics monitoring a step further than simply monitoring search engine visibility for websites — web presence optimization (WPO) specializes in tracking, measuring, and optimizing all of a company’s online visibility, including its website, blogs, online ads, social media, and more. An application that can measure these metrics in depth and in one place will make your monitoring efforts more effective, and with the inclusion of monitoring the competition, you save a lot of time and effort researching their results.


By Alex Romanovich