By Kelly Loubet – Social2B Director of Social Community Marketing

A recent article from InformationWeek states that – social media measurement and social media metrics are becoming paramount to interacting with your consumer audience.


This conclusion was reinforced last week, following the purchase of social media solutions specialist Radian6 by enterprise cloud computing company,


The sale is a crucial marker of the growing importance and emphasis being placed on social media consulting and the development of tools vital for social media development.


There aren’t many companies considered to be a Radian6 competitor in the sphere of monitoring social media marketing services. Social2B would like to change that. Social2B has teamed up with an up and coming metric and measurement competitor, Social Report.


Social Report allows clients to get a much more granular picture of their social media presence. Most tools out there are using a broad scope to measure and often leave out important nuances that Social Report brings to the table.


Social media metrics allow you to assess and evaluate consumer feedback, allowing you to better gauge what your consumer is thinking.  However, brands are looking for a smarter tool. They want a tool that measures sentiment as well as the typical click through numbers.


Brands are looking for a social media consultant to utilize the proper metrics tools and tell them where their target audience hangs out. Tools like Social Report can monitor these target social communities on each and every social media platform.


Social Report is one of the leading social media platform monitoring tools in this field.  Social Report monitors not just how users are reacting to your product or content, it also tracks user-generated content about your product.  The social media value chain has never been so quantifiable! B2B social media marketing is becoming easier and easier, thanks to social media development tools like Social Report.


Behind all successful social media marketing campaigns is a smart metrics tool.  Social Report can give users the power to monitor over 200 million blogs, networks, forums, sites and reviews to build a fine-tuned profile of their consumer and their likes and dislikes, as well as hot conversations and customer reviews of newly emerged consumer products.  In the long-run, these tangible results delivered through easy to process charts and graphs pave the way for cost-effective, better focused social media marketing campaigns.


For social media marketing services that focus not just on a consumer group but on the individual consumer, there’s the pioneering JitterJam.  Here the individual really is in the driving seat; JitterJam creates a unique profile for each person.  In this way, the individual can choose and determine the level of engagement they want to have with a particular product, almost like a social media index. The monitoring this allows for is highly attuned to your audience, meaning the right social media advertising and information is transmitted to the right consumer.  In turn, engaging in the right ways with the right people ensures a more fruitful and beneficial customer relationship can be fostered.  And what does that spell: M-O-N-E-T-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N, or social finance, if you prefer.


B2C and B2B social media marketing monitoring is where most brands find that they are lacking. Brands are coming up short when it comes to gathering real, tangible metrics data for their company. Make the most of your social media platform campaigns by making sure you’re using the right tool to get the most detailed information possible.