Clients Goals and Objectives, Challenges

To serve as the change catalyst to foster and strengthen Jewish identity among Russian-speakers worldwide. Northern American strategy: funding of cultural, educational, scholarship, and camp programs for school and college-aged children such as Brandeis University’s BGI Institute for Russian Jewry, BIMA/Genesis Summer College program, Camp Havurah, and many others.

The Challenge: engaging the beneficiaries of these programs required reaching cross-generational target audiences through different communications channels and vehicles and a high degree of integration across traditional and social media.

Business/Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Created an integrated communications strategy that addressed the cross-generational and cross-language difference of the target audiences utilizing traditional and social media in Russian and English. Developed a message style/channel/vehicle matrix
that reached and appealed to different generations. Implemented the strategy across 50+ traditional ethnic media outlets and nearly 300 digital channels in Northern America.

Platforms Methodology and Approach

We sought out social networks and micro-communities for each unique target audience such as Russian-speaking teenagers or English-speaking Russian-Jewish college students and engaged members of those audiences to create and publish content on our behalf, effectively and authentically reaching hundreds of thousands Russian-speakers across North America.

Outcome, Performance and Next Steps

Created awareness and great deal of interest in GPG programs among target audiences through traditional and social media. Generated a flood of inquiries from prospective clients and guardians. Increased enrollment in programs. Developed customized integrated communications strategies for GPG grantees.