For Immediate Release on June 6, 2011

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New York, NY – June 6, 2011 – Social2B International, LLC launches its Social2B Financial Services Market Analytics Unit with two initial Service Offerings as part of its strategy to assist Financial Services firms to implement enterprise-scalable, FINRA-compliant Social Media solutions across their divisions, their business processes and their professional staff.

In today’s highly regulated environment, banks and financial services firms are challenged by increasing regulatory pressure and compliance restrictions on what the firms can say in public, and what their professionals can say in private. All marketing and communications must adhere to stringent, federal & state regulatory compliance guidelines and practices that include data/electronic message retention, use of misleading printed material, misrepresentation in prospectuses, failure to disclose details of financial vehicles, transparency, trade reporting, and many more.

This poses a problem when Financial Services must navigate Social Media / Communities and retain all firm references, messages to potential clients, control and archive materials, which are distributed across these networks, and to ensure compliance by all professionals in the firm with FINRA regulatory guidelines. While many firms may find that the guidance from FINRA is useful when establishing their own procedures, each firm however, must develop their own unique, proprietary and market-savvy policies & procedures that are designed to ensure that while the firm and its personnel comply with all applicable FINRA requirements, it stays as a leader in its market. Additionally, while many firms have ignored or banned Social Media, their professionals are already building their networks inside social communities– potentially in violation of compliance guidelines.

Social2B, the leader in Enterprise Social Media Scalability, Metrics, Measurement & Integration, has developed an industry-leading methodology and process for integrating Social Media across the Enterprise Value Chain. Supporting its Industry focus, Social2B has established its new Unit to support Financial Services firms and has rolled out two new Service Offerings:

  • The Financial Services Social Media Diagnostic Service – provides Financial Services firms with a ‘deep-dive’ Diagnostic of their current compliance risks as well as opportunities for integrating Social Media across the enterprise in a compliant fashion
  • The Mergers & Acquisitions Social Media Due Diligence Diagnostic – provides executives, M&A professionals and fund portfolio managers with a Diagnostic of the hidden value and/or risk in a candidate company’s current & potential Social Media footprint, aligned with more traditional Due Diligence and Valuation metrics

“Social Media for the enterprise is serious business and our goal is to deliver world-class Social Media strategy, tactics, platforms, tools, outsourcing and agency solutions across the Value Chain. For Financial Services firms, the future of their marketing & communications effectiveness will depend on how well they will implement Social Media solutions both internally (across the Enterprise) and externally (to their professionals, clients and the public)”, said Ytzik Aranov, Social2B co-Founder, President, & Chief Operating Officer, and a former Coopers & Lybrand, A.T. Kearney, M&A / Corporate Finance executive.

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