Engage 2013, event held by SocialBakers, was a learning experience for all. Expert social media marketers and directors from around the world flew in to New York City to teach those in the digital world the ins and outs about social media marketing. From Australia to England to South Africa, the expert panel gave insights from different national techniques and political views making the marketing world even more intricate.




The Women

Extraordinary women from companies around the world came and shared their ups and downs and turned their learning experiences into advice for future references. Here’s a quick synopsis of a handful of the women that gave great advice and raised the bar for future social media marketers:


Katy Phillips (from United States), Senior Analyst of Social Communications from American Airlines, established a 24 hour 7 day a week customer service social media outlet to satisfy inquiries and concerns for almost 700,000 twitter followers. Karen Le (Australia), Head of Social Media of Telstra, confirmed that crowd support and the power of word of mouth is extremely crucial especially in her population of 22 million people where 15 million people have mobile devices. Sam Wilson (South Africa), Digital Editor of Woolworths, explained how she tried to make the best of political turmoil in her native land and how to learn from social media faux pas, especially when they can offend people and ruin a brand reputation. Sabeen Ahmad (New York City), Associate Director of Social Media Strategy for iCrossing, took the topic of the event to a finalized standard; it is not about quantity but engagement with customers: there is content, you have a community, and then you want to amplify your message.


The Men

Jan Rezab (from Prague/now in New York) , CEO of SocialBakers, encouraged companies to find help as soon as they found themselves in a crisis (before slowly drowning like Abercrombie & Fitch) and to avoid blasting advertising to blank targets. Yossi Erdman (United Kingdom), Head of Brand and Social Media from Appliances Online, exemplified how humor can reach audiences and the power of positive and negative feedback from customers via social media can help a company morph to the best it can be. Jeremie Moritz (France), Social Media Manager of Pernod Ricard, gave great advice on how to take old fashion rules from a historic company and turn them into ideal social media branding tools for the future. And Matt Cahill (New York), Associate Director of Analytics and Insights for Havas Worldwide, reinforced the need to do what is right for your company, do not follow a trend that works for others, do what works for you and do less of what doesn’t work-plain and simple


Top 3 Suggestions from Engage2013

1. Engagement is Paramount- we’re moving away from the automated telephone customer service to personal phone calls, tweets, and posts.

2. It isn’t always apples to apples- you have to strategize for you own company in order to succeed, don’t necessarily follow the herd. Basically do more of what works and less of what doesn’t (go figure)!

3. Aim for the target- well establish a target, don’t blindly gamble money on social media but aim for a goal and strategize how to get to that goal/audience.



(Courtesy of Twitter #Engage2013)


By: Mary Zawistowski