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Web Design and Development

Your company’s website is the face of your brand online. Thus, it is incredibly important to make sure you have a modern, trustworthy, and mobile-friendly site to introduce potential customers to your brand.

We can build your website using popular platforms like WordPress, using responsive web design to ensure that your site displays just as well on mobile devices as it does on a laptop or desktop. Our expert SEO team will make sure that your site is built using SEO best practices so that it’s fully optimized to attract search engine traffic. Social2B also has the capability to integrate your website with many web services including marketing automation tools and e-commerce solutions.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the process of making your website more visible in search engine results. This process takes into account many factors including website design, the presence of on-page keywords, backlinks, and more.

Social2B has the ability to help your company improve in each of these areas. We can design a user-friendly website for your company and recommend the best keywords to use to help you rank in search results. Our team can also secure backlinks from high authority websites to indicate to search engines that your website is a valuable resource worthy of traffic.


Mobile Web Readiness

The importance of having a mobile-friendly website is growing every day. For many users, smartphones and tablets are either their only or preferred means of accessing the internet. If your company’s website is not optimized for mobile, your users will not have a great experience on your site, and this negative experience will affect their perception of your brand.


E-commerce Platforms

The ability to sell your product directly to your customers on your website offers many advantages over a traditional brick and mortar store. E-commerce can give your company the ability to do business with people all over the world, creating significantly more business opportunities.

Setting up an e-commerce store, however, can be daunting. An online store needs to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and extremely reliable. Your company cannot afford to lose business because your website was set up incorrectly or not tested properly. Additionally, an e-commerce store should be fully integrated into your website and not look like it was tacked on as an afterthought.

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Marketing Automation Platforms

One of the fastest ways to scale up your company’s marketing efforts is to implement a marketing automation platform. Marketing automation platforms, such as HubSpot and Marketo, allow you to quickly perform and integrate marketing tasks that would otherwise require far more resources.

These platforms enable you, for example, to quickly create a landing page for your website and establish a call-to-action that you want your users to respond to, such as filling out a contact form. Marketing automation platforms allow you to view analytics about your landing page, such as how many users have filled out the contact form or the percentage of users that have done so.


Web Platform Integration

Many companies need more than just a simple website and require more advanced functionality to achieve their business goals. While sometimes it’s best to build your own solutions from the ground up, other times another company has already developed this functionality which can be integrated into your website.

Examples of web platform solutions that can be integrated into your site include payment processing, marketing automation, and social functionality. The major advantage of integrating a 3rd party is that they are maintained by the company that developed the solution, so your company doesn’t need to do much to keep them current.

Additionally, 3rd party companies often add new features and functionality to their products that you can take advantage of without paying for development costs.


Software Development

The percentage of web traffic that comes from mobile devices has been growing each year. One way to take advantage of this trend is to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices. An even more mobile-focused strategy is through native app development.


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