One of the most common words spoken by babies is “No,” as it’s easy and simple to say. “No” signals feelings of disagreement, refusal, and irritation. As […]

Capturing The Viewer’s Attention

Video Marketing Madness

It seems like video marketing is the only topic marketers talk about nowadays, and understandably so. Video marketing has taken the marketing world by storm […]

Facebook vs. Twitter: Which Should You Choose?

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The Right Video Length Equals Marketing Strength

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing world. Currently, 93% of marketers are integrating videos into their marketing campaigns, while 60% are incorporating […]

Social2B Announces Partnership With Viosk

New York, New York (April 2015) – Social2B and Viosk have signed a partnership deal to integrate social media and animated video marketing. The partnership will help […]

Why Content is Still King

Establishing appropriate business contacts and demonstrating leadership are keys to driving business connections in the B2B world. These are tasks made simpler by the use of content […]