#B2BMarketing19: Highlights

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#B2BMarketing19: Highlights

#B2BMarketing19: Highlights

The Social2b team is back from the B2B Marketing Expo. What an incredible and remarkable show it was! We were blown away by the scale of the event. Of course, it’s impossible to share all the details in one review, but here is event summary and conclusions made on behalf of our team:

      • AI is all around. From time management tools to voice recognition for customer service. Following the trend or applying the technologies of the future to simplify our present? Not sure, but still it was interesting to hear the majority of the platforms proudly informing that they are AI-driven.


      • ABM is hotter than ever. One of the keynote speakers of the conference Waheed Warden from Fujitsu shared how they do ABM integrating it with sales. An inspiring example to start implementing ABM today. If you still don’t know what’s the buzz is all about, contact us 🙂


      • The digital world has no limits. No matter whether your company is a startup or a well-known brand – it’s all about the approach and the quality of the service/product you provide. Events like B2B marketing Expo allow companies of different size and purpose successfully interact with each other. It’s a great chance to exchange knowledge and experience no matter if it’s Linkedin or a small platform.


      • There’s a tool for (literally) everything. New CPM, e-mail agents, time-management platforms, cloud-based services and everything our marketing souls might wish. Not happy with any tool you are using right now, believe us, there is an alternative! Once again we could see that the main issue is to actually choose wisely the services that fit your companies needs and workflow processes from the variety.


      • The power of merchandise in the marketing mix. For the Expo, it worked both ways:  – for the exhibitors to attract the visitors to their stands for a conversation with the impressive merch (a flyer and a pen is not enough anymore – the modern customer wants it all); for the printing and merchandise agencies to show up with their approaches in creating branded products. Custom prints, cupcakes with companies logo, eco-friendly promotional products – try, choose and decide whether and why your brand needs those.


    • Scaling for Growth. B2B Marketing Expo is Europe’s leading marketing event. No wonder, the majority of companies participating in the event are European or UK-based (as the event takes place in London). But upon our observation, most companies are ready for the expansion by entering the new markets and reaching the new audiences. Sounds like something you are considering for your company? Drop us a line to discuss the Market Entry and ABM strategy for your business.  

    To make sure our readers won’t miss the important points of the event, we share the significant highlights from Twitter that can change the digital marketing strategy of your brand (find more great thoughts and by searching the #B2BMarketing19).

    Ready to put innovative ideas into practice and can’t wait to continue talks with the amazing companies we’ve met in London.

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