Let me ask you this… What grabs your interest when you’re scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed? Are you on Instagram? Do the people you follow on Twitter tweet images and videos? Jump on the visual bandwagon to ensure you get the attention you want…be that personally or in business!


    • 42% of all Tumblr posts are images


  • Videos are shared 12 times more than links and text combined



  • Photos are linked twice as much as the text



  • Over 100 million users are using social media on YouTube per week



  • Visual storytelling accounts for more ‘clicks’ online than anything else.




How can we argue with those stats? Now, let’s remember some of the landmark social media moments of 2012!


    • January – President Obama joins Instagram!


  • Feburary – Over 700 YouTube /videos are shared every minute



  • March – The ‘Kony 2012’ video went viral with more than 100 million views in 6 days.



  • April – Instagram grows by 10 million users in 10 days as it’s Android application is launched. It is also bought for 1 billion dollars by Facebook.



  • May – Tumlbr launches a similar interface to Facebook which focuses on imagery



  • June – The buildup to the 2012 Olympics sees sports starts from around the world tweeting pictures and videos of themselves training.



  • July – Foursquare’s app allows users to upload images, and results in millions of photos in week one



  • August – 92% of users retweet at least one image or video a week



  • September – 32,073,703 Lady GaGa tops the most popular twitter users to follow



  • October – Statistics are released that suggest that Pinterest users are following more brands than on Facebook or Twitter. Nasa’s Mars Rover checks in on Foursquare to make it the first check in on another planet.



  • November – 2012 USA election becomes the most social election to date. Hurricane Sandy becomes a social media superstorm with users tweeting, pinning, facebooking photos and videos of the storm’s destruction.



  • December – Facebook launches its ‘year in review’ feature highlighting photos and videos




WHAT A YEAR. Photos and videos are taking over our social media, but with these facts, why wouldn’t you want to be involved? On their YouTube channels in a single week in September of this year, Samsung had more than 7 million views, while Nokia had over 3 million and Coca Cola and Nike had over 2. Not bad for a week’s work!


In September, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week embraced social media like never before. Diane Von Furstenberg led the pack by showcasing a futuristic eyewear device Google is working on, Google Glass. Photos were taken backstage using the device, and shared on DVF’s Google + page ahead of the show. Using the glasses worn by the models, a short film was complied and was released 3 days later, securing a 160% increase in Twitter mentions, and securing her the title of the most talked about designer during NY Fashion Week. Other designers also shared live runway shows on social media, and allowed people to comment in real time on the runway.


Whether you’re a teenage fashionista sharing photos of your latest purchases, a CEO of a multinational company, or even a leader of a super-power nation, images and videos are the way to get your message across. Jump on the bandwagon, before you’re the only one left of the ground!