Connect the system you use to automate processes and earn more from your products.

What is web integration?

Company web portals, B2B portals, e-commerce projects or a client zone are require the involvement of a whole range of solutions: marketing automation and systems, CRM, SEO, SEM, project management and more.

A web Integration solution allow your business to connect with other essential business applications and is critical to your company's success. Solutions for SaaS make it possible to connect all data, applications and endpoints in real-time without embarking on a costly, time-consuming integration project.

Why do I need it?

If your business contains any element that requires an existing application or where your customers or clients need to utilize social media for sharing. For example, Yelp displays nearby restaurants on a Google Map in its app. Another example is a video game that allows players to invite their friends via their social networks.



Each business has unique requirements when it comes to integrating software and systems. ECommerce based companies are no exception. ECommerce integration allows you to connect with all kinds of applications to further enhance your customer’s experience and increase sales.

Our solutions make it easy to integrate with Salesforce making it easy to consolidate, synchronize and migrate CRM and file data.

Some Integration solutions

Salesforce Integration

Connecting SaaS applications provides you with a complete view of your customers, streamlined processes and a faster time to market for new applications.

Innovative SaaS Integration

Marketing Automation Solutions

Marketing automation allows your business to streamline sales and more effectively market on multiple channels online while giving you the ability to automate repetitive tasks.

Hubspot Integration

Integrate with the best CRM and Marketing Automation solution on the Internet. With our solutions, all of your customer data cross your entire company will be integrated into Hubspot. From there, you can build campaigns off of purchase history, create upsales, create cross sales or target new customers with special offers.

What we do?

At Social2b we offer B2B and B2C cloud application development and cloud integration services in the following areas:

  • Integration of data and analytic web services to internal and external business applications
  • Secure solutions, including secure access and data transfer with technologies like SSL and digital signatures
  • Application to application integration
  • Website and e-business application development using the latest online technologies
  • Custom database development
  • Integration of proprietary data sources with web applications
  • We provide cost-effective and rapidly deployable web development and web integration solutions that allow your company to leverage the communication potential of the Internet. This allows us to provide a better integrated solution and allows our clients to deploy the solution faster.

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Some Words From Our Clients

Nick Guylian, 

Founder and COO of EuroSpaClub

Social2B’s partnership is invaluable. Not only do they understand integrated marketing and social media, they also understand your business and your process. They become a true partner.

Roman Martynenko, 

Founder and CEO of SoftAge Group

Social2B helped us with our website redesign, social media strategy, and integrated marketing campaign. But the most important asset is their ability to help international companies to enter new markets with excellent ROI.

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