Our videos help you increase your search rankings, drive massive amounts of traffic to your website, and increase conversion rates by nearly 300%!

Having a video, in addition to an article or blog that contain the same keyword, will give you a huge boost in the rankings for that specific keyword. You can also target a lot of longer keywords with a video, which is something you can’t do as easily with text.

4. Videos Will Boost Your SEO

Video marketing is something that businesses often stay away from, which massively holds back their marketing efforts. With today’s technology, pretty much anyone with any level of skill can create a professional and effective video for their company, products and services. This, of course, is very important in today’s marketplace.

Videos give you information in a quick, visual package. Reading a ton of text on a computer screen is a strain on the eyes and can be rather boring. This could stop any potential customers from reading your sales copy. Apart from the simple fact that videos are easier to digest than a ton of text, they also offer businesses a number of amazing opportunities.

Do You Need Video Marketing?

1. People Like Videos

2. Customers Can See The Product Or Service In Action

Videos allow for your potential customers to actually get a real look at the product or service you sell. They let them see how it looks from every angle. Watching it in action helps them visualize themselves using this product or getting this service. 

3. Videos Create Trust

People prefer to buy things from people they connect with, and will often pay more money to buy something from someone they trust, rather than get a better deal from someone they don’t. Videos help to build that connection between you and your consumers.

We combine creativity, sharp content, and video marketing expertise to grab the attention of your audience.

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Social2b builds innovative, revenue-generating video marketing, enabling businesses to quickly turn ideas into value.

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There has never been a more flexible time than now when it comes to how to make marketing videos. And the funny thing is, the more expensive and professional videos are not necessarily better or more effective than a video you make with your webcam. So, before you lay out a ton of cash, really think about what you’re trying to convey with your video and which method would work best for you and your business.

We combine creativity, sharp content, and video marketing automation technologies to engage your audience and get results.

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Nick Guylian, 

Founder and COO of EuroSpaClub

Social2B’s partnership is invaluable. Not only do they understand integrated marketing and social media, they also understand your business and your process. They become a true partner.

Roman Martynenko, 

Founder and CEO of SoftAge Group

Social2B helped us with our website redesign, social media strategy, and integrated marketing campaign. But the most important asset is their ability to help international companies to enter new markets with excellent ROI.

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