90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. 

An infographic is a visually compelling communication method. When done right, it can communicate complicated data in a visual format, with the potential to go viral.

An infographic that is linked and compelling will ultimately drive traffic to your website and blog as people share and click.

The viral nature of an infographic makes people link to your site. Google will also index your website higher due to Google’s “Page Rank” algorithm. This increases the importance that search engines place on your site.

5. Search Engine Traffic Benefits/SEO

The research that is essential to create an infographic will display your knowledge and portray you as an expert on your specific category or topic.

4. Shows an Expert Understanding of a Subject

Designed to present complex information directly and clearly, infographics have become popular for illustrating long-form content, such as business processes, analytics, and technical solutions. Infographics can also work wonders as standalone material for lead generation campaigns.

People love facts, figures and statistics. Add some compelling images and graphics and you have some eye-catching content!

Tap into that optic nerve. Human beings are highly visual and 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual.

Do I Need Infographics?

1. Compelling and Attractive

2. Viral Capabilties

Due to infographics' attractiveness, the room for them to be shared on social networks and go viral is much higher than ordinary text content.

When designing, developing and publishing an infographic, the code to put it on a WordPress blog or website is provided as an embedded code. This creates an automatic link from their site to yours.

3. Brand Awareness

Creating an infographic that is embedded with your logo and brand will create greater “Brand Awareness”

In a world where online publishing is now visible everywhere at the touch of a screen, infographics can provide world wide coverage that local print media just can't do.

The challenge with infographics is creating them.

Using infographics is a perfect way of combining the best of text, images and design to represent complicated data to tell a shareable story.

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